Arizona State Parks Signs Agreement With Havasu Riviera Marina

Havasu Riviera Marine Is Soon A Reality!

Arizona State Parks and Trails and Havasu Riviera Marina, LLC
Sign Consent Agreement for Havasu Riviera State Park

Arizona State Parks and Trails and Havasu Riviera Marina, LLC have signed the consent agreement, a term of the original contract, to move the Havasu Riviera State Park project forward.

“This is a groundbreaking agreement that is truly one of a kind for the State of Arizona,” said Arizona State Parks and Trails Executive Director Bob Broscheid. “With the signing, we are now able to move forward into the next phase of this project, which is so important to State Parks and to Lake Havasu City.”

Havasu Riviera Marina, LLC will be responsible for the development of this new state park located along the Colorado River. Next steps include updating the business plan, updating and finalizing the master plan, and working with stakeholders to initiate building in the next few months. As details are finalized, information will be released to the public.

“We are excited for Arizona State Parks and Havasu Riviera Marina, LLC to be able to move forward, said Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy. “Arizona State Parks, Havasu Riviera Marina, and Lake Havsau City have been working to resolve delays and today we have a path toward realizing the goal of the first Arizona State Park on the Colorado River in over 20 years and a new mainland marina.”

The consent agreement finalizes a contract that will work in the best interest of both parties, with a financial mechanism in place to ensure that development proceeds on schedule. The project is aniticpated to be completed in phases over the next couple of years.

“We are excited about our renewed partnership with Arizona State Parks and their new leadership team. Our team, along with Arizona State Parks and Lake Havasu City, are committed to moving quickly to build this landmark project on the shores of Lake Havasu City. Havasu Riviera State Park and Marina, along with our Havasu Riviera Resort Community, will create a new centerpiece for the community and create the new lifestyle standard for activity, recreation and living for residents and visitors of Lake Havasu City,” said Jim Komick of Havasu Riviera Marina, LLC.