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Luxury RV & Boat Storage

Luxelocker offers private, secure luxury storage for boats, RVs, and personal property, complete with 24/7 access, electricity in every unity, and dedicated security.

What Is Luxelocker?

Luxelocker is Lake Havasu’s foremost storage provider, offering luxury storage units for rent or purchase. You may rent storage lockers or purchase them outright and own a valuable real estate investment.

Desert Land Group has developed two Luxelocker locations in Lake Havasu to provide residents and visitors with the perfect location to store their recreational vehicles daily or during the off-season.

Lockers are available in three tiers:

  • Basic: Equipped with a 14’ high powered door, interior lighting, and 20 amp/110v power.
  • Luxe: Comes standard with a 14’ high door, light insulation, stubbed-out interior water and sewer, and 20 amp/110v power that can be upgraded to a 100 amp panel.
  • Super Luxe: Built to impress, with HVAC systems, full insulation, 100 amp electrical service, and fully plumbed out with sewer and water.

With units ranging in size from 14’ by 41’ to 16’ by 61’, there’s sure to be a unit that fits your needs and your vehicles.

Benefits of Luxelocker Arizona Storage Rental in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu’s two Luxelocker locations are among the best storage facilities in Arizona. Both locations offer benefits, including:

Gated facilities protect the entire site from unauthorized visitors

Convenient storage lockers close to residential areas, the lake, and state parks make it easy to store your luxury car, RV, or boat for the season

Extra-wide drive lanes make it easy to park and store vehicles of any size

Climate-controlled facilities to protect delicate and valuable items from the elements

On-site water, dumpsters, wash stations, RV hookups, and sewer lines, so you can do all your end-of-season maintenance in one place

In addition, Luxe and Super Luxe units are designed for owners to modify them to fit their needs. Desert Land Group built the facility so you can build out your unit to store your vehicles or other property according to your personal preferences.

Renting vs. Owning Arizona Storage Units

At Luxelocker, it’s not just a storage uni. It’s an investment. Why rent when you can own a long-term real estate investment and the ultimate personal storage space? Purchasing a storage unit in Arizona provides an active asset with the ability for future capital growth. Additionally, Luxelocker can manage and sublease your storage unit for you, providing a consistent passive income stream.

Units for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a storage unit, Luxelocker has the following units available for sale to Lake Havasu residents and visitors.